Highest quality products

All of our ingredients are 100% sourced from The United States, and are 100% natural.

Top quality assurance

Every product we make goes through rigorous quality testing following industry practices along with all OSHA requirements.

Great customer service

We provide dedicated customer service to ensure you are always in the loop and informed every step of the way.

We look forward to inquires about our products and services and are eager to help existing customers meet their goals. Our team has a hands on approach and is insistent upon delivering top notch support to our clients.

Custom pricing

We’ll guide you in finding the right products, value, and even customize price points to fit your brand needs.


Providing products and support to build stable CBD brands.

CBD Super Source is the best choice for your brand. We are dedicated to assisting you in building your own CBD brand(s) while reducing your time to market.

We are devoted to providing the services necessary to help position your CBD brand in the rapidly growing CBD marketplace..